We just wanted to say how amazing Michael was in helping us buy our dream home. And let me say it was no easy task. We were very back and forth as to whether we were even going to buy a house, and Michael was not pushy at all. He actually even said "how about I don't send you anymore houses until you are ready because I know how disappointing it can be to love a house and watch it sell." The original house we had our eye on actually ended up getting rented out and I was heart broken but Michael said we would find something even better. And sure enough he did. He found us an amazing character home in Bridgeland that had absolutely everything we wanted and more. He negotiated a great price for us, found us a mortgage broker, a lawyer and a painter and did this all in a huge time crunch as we were leaving for Mexico to get married. Michael made what could have been a very, very stressful situation easy. He went above and beyond for us and for that we are so thankful.

Thank you again for everything, Michael!

Brooke & Al MacDonald

Hello Michael
       Just a little note to thank you for all the help you gave us regarding the selling of our house. Not only did you do all the things you always do and must do as a realtor but you did a great job in keeping us informed about everything. It is not easy selling a house when you live far away. ....that we found out. You made it much easier and you did a great job in negotiating a very good price in a up and down market. Once again THANK YOU ...and we will not forget your kindness, hard work and professionalism.
Anita and Harvey Schiltz

Dear family & Friends,

We have enjoyed living in Discovery Ridge for the past four years. First on

Discovery Ridge Way, then on Discovery Ridge Heights. Last year we were

considering a move and 'interviewed' several realtors to help us find a new

property and keep an eye on the local real estate happenings during the

'boom'. As it turned out we didn't really want to move from our house last


Over the course of the year, one realtor, Michael Smith, kept in touch with

us... he revised our 'profile' in his database, showed us houses and really

took in an interest in our potential needs. Basically, he was going to be

here for us whenever we were ready. The other realtors basically dropped us

because they didn't see the potential of doing business with us. 

Last week, just when we were considering the prospect of putting our house

on the market, neighbors from Discovery Ridge Way came to our door and

presented an offer that we felt was too good to refuse, so we sold the

house privately! Michael Smith confirmed that the offer was a good one

(even though he speculated that he might have gotten us more) and he was

gracious about our decision to just sell. We were hoping that he would find

us another house in the Westhills area, but when my brother, Andre, called

me about a brand new spec home near his house in Evergreen, we went and

checked it out and have now purchased another Janssen home!


We want to reiterate that Michael Smith is a very diligent, professional,

respectful and genuinely interested realtor who we recommend highly if you

are looking to sell, buy or just develop an interest in the local real

estate market with a potential to do business with him.


Monique and Myron Achtman